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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fareed Zakaria to CNN's Erin Burnett: Obama "Desperately" Wants a Deal With Iran

It just gets more and more sickening: In a CNN interview with Erin Burnett, Obama confidante Fareed Zakaria declared in response to the question, "Does [Obama] want this [nuclear deal] too much?”:

"You know, I think that there is an element of him clearly that desperately wants to bring Iran in from the cold."

Indeed, at a time when millions of Iranians are taking to the streets and crying "Death to America" and when it has just become known that Iran is illegally seeking to obtain nuclear and missile technology in Germany, Obama is surrendering to Khamenei on almost every major sticking point to get a deal done. "No deal is better than a bad deal"? "Anytime, anywhere" inspections? If Iran violates the agreement, sanctions will "snap-back"? All of these avowals meant for mass consumption by an ignorant public have fallen by the wayside.

Only US secretary of defense, Ashton B. Carter, seems to be concerned by Obama's concessions. As reported by Michael R. Gordon and David E. Sanger in a New York Times article entitled "A Final Hurdle in Iran Talks Deals With Conventional, Not Nuclear, Arms":

"“The reason that we want to stop Iran from having an I.C.B.M. program is that the ‘I’ in I.C.B.M. stands for ‘intercontinental,’ which means having the capability of flying from Iran to the United States,” [Ashton Carter] said, adding with a bit of understatement, “We don’t want that.”"

The US doesn't "want that," but it is perfectly acceptable for Israel to be facing a barrage of shorter-range missiles with nuclear warheads in a minimum of ten years (considerably less time if Iran violates the agreement - which it will)?

But why should Obama care if, going ahead, it doesn't interfere with his golf game?


  1. The 'breaking news' announcement will be made later today (Sunday).
    It was already a done deal for sometime however the WH decided that this was too big to have South Carolina or even Greece overshadow the story and steal any focus away from what will ultimately be THE legacy of Obama.
    For anyone who still doubts that history repeats itself, check out what Bill Clinton had to say about the 'Virtues of North Korean Nuclear Deal' back in 1994.

  2. A different game being played in Vienna today? k,7340,L-4678950,00.html
    "Iran mobile game simulates attack against Haifa

    In 'Missile Attack', players 'break the air defense system and harm Israel,' says developer. 'The anti-Zionist game shows Iran's missile capability'.


    Published: 07.12.15, 15:40

    Iran launched a new game for mobile phones called "Missile Attack" to mark the International Jerusalem Day (al-Quds Day), which simulates a missile attack on Haifa.
    "The anti-Zionist game shows Iran's missile capability," said one of the game's developers, Mehdi Atash Ja'am, to Iranian news agency Fars. "In the game, players break the air defense system and harm Israel."

    Atash Ja'am added that the development of the game came in response to another game, where players attack targets in Tehran.

    On Friday, the day the new game came out, Iran and other Muslim countries celebrated al-Quds Day, which is held every year on the last Friday of Ramadan.

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani joined the marchers and said: "Today there are disagreements and cracks in many countries and terrorists are making life difficult, and this is without a doubt done with the support of the Zionist regime and the hegemonic forces."