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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Obama on Jon Stewart: The President Spews "Progressive" Anti-Semitism

How familiar are you with "Doublespeak"?

Appearing on Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" on Tuesday, President Obama publicly spewed anti-Semitism, albeit using "progressive" code words, while seeking to drum up support for his nuclear deal with Iran. Obama declared (my emphasis in red):

"I guarantee you, if people feel strongly about making sure that Iran doesn’t get a nuclear weapon, without us going to war, and that is expressed to Congress, then people will believe in that. And the same is true on every single issue. If people are engaged, eventually the political system responds. Despite the money, despite the lobbyists, it still responds."

The "money"? Jewish money, of course. The lobbyists? AIPAC, of course.

A minute earlier, Obama also stated (my emphasis in red):

"This is an example of where we have a huge issue of war and peace. Either we stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon through diplomacy, or potentially we have a military option. You’ve got a bunch of talking heads and pundits, and folks who are not going to be making sacrifices, if in fact you end up in a conflict, who are reprising some of the same positions that we saw during the Iraq war, not asking tough questions. And if they are not hearing from citizens, then we end up making bad choices."

"Folks who are not going to be making sacrifices"? The Jews, of course. Obama would have us know that Jews don't serve in the military, but instead only seek to buy Congress with their money.



  1. Seems Kerry was thinking of the Vietnam war during his quest in Vienna. From that 'pundit' named John Podhoretz:

    "...In the final session, according to quoting state undersecretary Wendy Sherman, the ministers spoke of what the pact meant to them.

    Sherman found it moving, particularly when Kerry spoke about Vietnam. “When I was 22, I went to war,” Kerry said, before choking up. “He couldn’t get the words out,” Sherman said. “And everybody was completely spellbound.”

    “I went to war,” Kerry finally continued, “and it became clear to me that I never wanted to go to war again. That’s what this was all about. Trying to settle these matters through diplomacy and peaceful means.” Sherman called it “such a moving moment that everybody in that small room applauded — including the Iranian delegation.”

    No doubt one reason the Iranians were clapping was that Kerry neglected to mention the role of diplomacy in the Vietnam tragedy. It was not our military that delivered free Indochina to the Communists. Our military won the war on the ground.

    It was diplomacy that gave us the accord that was supposed to bring peace with honor, like the accord that Kerry has just inked in Vienna. Instead, the Communists broke the agreement the minute it was signed, and conquered Vietnam with arms. ..."

    [no comment on #44's doublespeak, because, after all, in America, " all Jews are rich" is the most pervasive stereotype in the land where no Democrat can publicly say in 2015 that "All Lives Matter".
    Usually, "folks who are not going to be making sacrifices" is doublespeak for Vietnam-draft-dodger Dick Cheney charging into Baghdad in 2003. Vietnam and Iraq 2.0 taint everything at a time when US history is trying to erase the existence of Robert E. Lee.

    Last night, I watched the Battle of Little Round Top in the film "Gettysburg". The brilliant scholar turned soldier, Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, should be the most admired American soldier in our history, for winning the day. With orders to fight to the last man, he was thinking Thermopylae, Sparta v Persia.]


  2. Mr. Kerry,
    Not going to war,was not the core reason behind Vienna meetings.The primary objective was to eliminate a nuclear bombing,to not put that capability into fanatical hands,where an annihilation in the middle east or elsewhere,and that elsewhere,includes the US of A,might occur.
    If you consider that notion,the deal was a colossal failure.