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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Marco Rubio, "Obama’s Faustian Bargain With Cuba": The Same Deal Being Struck With Iran

Having published inane front-page stories concerning Marco Rubio's finances and traffic tickets, which were mocked by Jon Stewart, The New York Times has allowed the senator from Florida to present his views concerning Obama's overtures to Cuba. In a guest op-ed entitled "Marco Rubio: Obama’s Faustian Bargain With Cuba," Rubio writes:

"WHEN President Obama announced the formal re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba last week, he criticized the supposed failures of United States policy toward Cuba, which, Mr. Obama said, 'hasn’t worked for 50 years.'

. . . .

Mr. Obama’s outreach has done nothing to change any of this. On Sunday, Antonio Rodiles, a prominent activist, was beaten by regime thugs, and nearly 100 others were arrested. Human Rights Watch reports that in recent months, 'short-term arbitrary arrests of human rights defenders, independent journalists, and other critics have increased dramatically.' The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, an independent human rights group, puts arbitrary detentions for political motives in May alone at 641, the most in months.

Yet Mr. Obama insists that building economic and diplomatic ties is likely to bring freedom and democracy to the island."

Heck, senator, do you really think Obama gives a damn about human rights? After all, he's desperately struggling to sign a deal with Iran's mullahs, which will provide them with the unequivocal right to build a nuclear arsenal after 10 years (if they don't cheat before then - which they will). Obama doesn't give a damn if Iran hangs gay men, stones to death women accused of adultery, savagely persecute Baha'is, Christians, Kurds and Sunnis, jails and brutalizes journalists and political opponents, and executes poets for "waging war on God."

January 2017 cannot come soon enough.

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  1. Am certain Obama knew that he could not strongarm Israel into a peace deal when the USA had walked away (again and again) from indirect negotiations with Cuba. The concept of 'lead by example' sometimes merits consideration

    Plus, the Endless Campaign had identified younger Cuban-Americans as more open to vote D, which means more to the Identity Politics Party than anything - a few more votes in Florida.

    One wonders what happened to all the property claims filed by corporations and individuals against the Castro seizures...poof?