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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Obama Protects Assad to Foster Nuclear Agreement With Iran

As observed in a Washington Post editorial entitled "America’s latest failure in Syria" (my emphasis in red):

"IN MAY 2014, President Obama promised a new U.S. effort to train and equip moderate Syrian rebel forces. The next month, the administration asked Congress for $500 million to fund the effort, with the aim of deploying 5,000 U.S.-backed fighters a year for three years. Numerous analysts quickly pointed out two big flaws in the plan: The new force was too small to make a significant difference on Syria’s multi-sided battlefield, and the administration was hamstringing it by insisting that it target only the Islamic State and not the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. As so often in his handling of Syria, Mr. Obama dismissed proposals for a more robust approach.

Now, once again, the president is reaping the consequences of his half-measures. On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter reported the pitiful result of the training program: After a year, he told the Senate Armed Services Committee, just 60 Syrians were enlisted. Meanwhile, Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified that Israel and Jordan 'very much believe [in] the possibility' that the Assad regime could soon collapse, touching off 'a foot race' of al-Qaeda and Islamic State forces 'converging on Damascus.'"

Wow! $500 million was required to train 60 soldiers? On its face, this does appear like a colossal failure, but in fact, this "failure" was intentional. Obama and friends have been purposefully obstructing the training of moderate rebel forces in Syria in order to placate Iran (Assad is of course an Iranian vassal, who just received another $1 billion worth of credit from Tehran to keep him afloat) and promote the president's nuclear deal with Khamenei.

Disgusting? Indeed. Care to comment, Hillary?

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