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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Iran Threatens the White House: Obama Ignores Iranian Sleeper Cells in the United States

The White House is now being threatened by Iran. MEMRI has translated the following excerpt from a June 17, 2015 editorial from the Iranian daily Kayhan (my emphasis in red):

"Let us have faith that America is incapable of any misstep [against Iran], and that it cannot even attack Iranian facilities without the White House being destroyed in under 10 minutes. Let us have faith that the old 'village leader' [i.e. the U.S.] has fallen onto his deathbed, and that even in his youth, he never made the mistake [of daring to attack Iran], and that he, like Israel, remains mired in quicksand. Let us have faith that Britain is a wily fox, and that its laughter is deceptive. Let us have faith in the Koran that says that the enemies are not men of their word, and that God has not permitted the infidels to gain supremacy over the believers..."

Bravado? Not entirely. There are indeed Iranian sleeper cells in the United States awaiting Supreme Leader Khamenei's instructions. You don't believe it? Consider the Iranian 2011 attempt on the life of the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

Time to wake up, President Obama! Or maybe you just don't care.


  1. One does wonder what the Persians call the Russians, if Britain is a "wily fox".

    Which is probably why this WH ignores the "rhetoric". They ignore most of what Americans say...and love to induce fear on every topic except Iran.

  2. nothing can cheer us up today, but FM Sergei Lavrov definitely won 'best dressed in Vienna', which no doubt irks Kerry more than anything.

    wonder if Chuck Schumer can say anything useful about Iran, when all he wants is to protect his Wall Street fundraisers from his own Democratic Party...

    The real good news is this deal is only 100 pages long, so someone is bound to actually read it