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Monday, July 27, 2015

Kerry Visiting Egypt and Qatar but Will Steer His Swift Boat Clear of Israel

US Secretary of State John Kerry will be traveling to Egypt and Qatar next week, to sell Obama's controversial nuclear deal with Iran, but he plans to steer his swift boat clear of Israel. Why not Israel? As reported in a Ynetnews article entitled "Kerry to visit region to discuss Iran deal, but skip Israel" by Yitzhak Benhorin:

"When asked why Kerry won't be visiting Israel, [US State Department spokesman John] Kirby said the secretary has spoken to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu many times over the past few weeks to discuss the agreement.

The latest phone call between the two was on July 16, after the agreement was signed."

The real reason why Kerry is not coming to is Israel is because of overwhelming disapproval of the nuclear deal among Israelis and the likelihood that he would be met in Israel with massive protest demonstrations.

In all fairness to Kerry, however, he also declined another dinner engagement in Damascus with his "dear friend" Bashar al-Assad.

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  1. We've also seen his boss being just a few hours south of Israel.