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Monday, July 6, 2015

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier Calls for "Courage" in Talks With Iran: Sowing the Seeds of a Second Holocaust

According to German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the conclusion of a nuclear deal with Iran now depends upon the participants' "courage." Given Germany's history, it requires "courage" for Germany to allow Iran, which threatens Israel with annihilation every week, to build a nuclear arsenal within 10 years (much less time if Iran cheats - which it will)? "Courage" is not the word I would use.

Meanwhile, Russia is preparing to sell Iran a "wide range of naval equipment."

This comes after a US trade delegation visited Tehran in April as did a German trade delegation that same month. Another US trade delegation visited Iran in May and a Chinese delegation arrived in June.

In addition, as reported by The Times of Israel, "Around 100 French companies are reportedly planning to participate in a delegation to Tehran in September to review business opportunities in the Islamic republic."

Who cares about a second Holocaust? After all, it's all about the $50 billion signing bonus that Obama has promised Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei and who will benefit from this windfall.

And this from a Reuters article entitled "Iran nuclear talks: Brothels, bike rides and Groundhog Day" by Fedja Grulovic, Louis Charbonneau and John Irish:

"Anyone who says it's all work and no play for the hordes of diplomats, officials, security agents, analysts and reporters who have descended on Vienna for what should be the finale of almost two years of Iran nuclear talks is dead wrong. As the manager of a local brothel said, when the Iran talks are in town, 'business is booming'.

He declined to say who were his most frequent customers, but made clear that, as far as he was concerned, the longer the negotiations between Iran and six world powers drag on, the better."

What a surprise . . .


  1. from Deutsche Welle:

    [Steinmeier quoted]: "This calls for courage and readiness for compromise, and I hope mainly that Tehran will show this courage," he added.

    Still, It is disturbing to have Pollyannas negotiating with the Persian Empire. [The book seems to have not been translated into Farsi. ]
    "...According to the Pollyanna Principle, the brain processes information that is pleasing and agreeable in a more precise and exact manner as compared to unpleasant information. ..."

    That certainly explains this WH when it comes to memories of revolutionary Iran's "Death to America" declaration of war in 1979.


  2. [Not surprising to me] poll by Frank Luntz, sponsored by the JNF, of "...802 members of the opinion elites..."

    Assume this WH (and Hillary, and Schumer) spending more time dissecting this poll than whatever happens in Vienna this week.