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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Nicholas Kristof, "Tales of Horror Should Galvanize Obama": Tales of Horror Galvanized Obama to Give Iran the Bomb

In a New York Times op-ed entitled "Tales of Horror Should Galvanize Obama," Nicholas Kristof calls on President Obama to visit South Sudan. Kristof writes:

"IN THE MARSHLAND OF SOUTH SUDAN — BAREFOOT and shellshocked, the survivors trickle into a village here with unimaginable stories of rape, castration and mass murder committed by a government that the United States helped install.

This civil war here in South Sudan will be a top item on President Obama’s agenda during his visit to Africa this month, and I wish he could talk to these survivors."

And if Obama talked with these survivors, what would he do? Currently, he is bending over backwards to provide an unhindered path to nuclear weapons to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which hangs gay men, stones to death women accused of adultery, brutally persecute Baha'is, Christians, Kurds and Sunnis, and executes poets for "waging war on God."

And are you any better, Nicholas? Think back upon your family excursion to Iran, which spawned that 2012 gem of an op-ed, "In Iran, They Want Fun, Fun, Fun."

But just so there are no illusions, Nick, Obama couldn't give a damn about South Sudan. After all, this is a man who ran off to a Martha's Vineyard golf course within 20 minutes of delivering a speech decrying the beheading of James Foley by the Islamic State.

Remind you of something? It should: "If only Comrade Stalin knew . . ."

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